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 Product Attributes;


  Color:   Item Condition:  Weight: 0.5  Dimension:
Cell Phone Solar Charger
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Product Details;
Product Name:

Cell Phone Solar Charger

Part #/SKU: scm
Product ID: 126162611
Price (USD$):  12.00
Sale Type:  Retail  Wholesaller, Contact us
Min. order quantity: 1
Availability:   no_stock
Shipping Coast ($): 15
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Product Description;
Cell phone solar chargerCell phone solar charger1
Smart solar charger for most of  electronics products
Stylish design, Convenient & Handy.
Multifunction solar emergency charger with built in 1,350mAh high capacity rechargeable polymer battery. Charges your mobile phone, digital camera, PDA, MP3, MP4 whenever, wherever.
1. Meet an emergency - power cut, can use your mobile phone with solar energy.
2. Convenience - Whenever and wherever - can charge your mobile phone in time, even talk while charging.
3. High efficiency - charger transfers the energy from the build in battery to your mobile phone battery talk time 24 hours or standby 100-180 minutes.
4. Environment protects, save resource - Use solar energy to charge your mobile phone wherever and whenever.
5. Modern and portable - Modern design, stainless steel case, small size, convenient and handy.
6. Safe use - Over voltage protection for the circuit and your mobile phone. Safe to use.
1. High solar energy converts efficiency: over than 15%
2. Solar energy board: 4V/120mA or 5.5V/100mA
3. High capacity built-in battery: 1,350mAh
4. Output voltage: 5.0-6.8V
5. Output current: 350-800mA
6. Charging time: about 60 minutes (depends on  type)
7. To charge the build in battery in the charger using solar energy: 8-10 hours
8. To charge the build in battery in the charger using computer or AC adapter: 4 hours
9. The purple led work time when the build in battery is full: 142 hours
Fit for:
Mobile phone (standard accessory are four kinds of phone connector adaptor: Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony-ericssion),Digital camera, PDA抯, MP3/MP4 (the battery capacity under 1,500mAh)
Gift box or blister/color card

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  Published: 6/20/2010  Updated: 6/20/2010
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