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Details below
 Product Attributes;

Brand: OEM

  Color:   Item Condition:  Weight: 0.5  Dimension:
DS One Supercard
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Product Details;
Product Name:

DS One Supercard

First flash memory game cartridge
Part #/SKU: Void
Product ID: 41520016
Price (USD$):  9.99
Sale Type:  Retail  Wholesaller, Contact us
Min. order quantity: 1
Availability:   no_stock
Shipping Coast ($): 15
Not available for sale  
Product Description;
The first flash memory game cartridge, SuperCard with new features. With the simple but practical functions, SuperCard has great popularity of gamer in the world. -- Main Features :
Plug 'n Play(No FlashMe, No PassMe, No convert).
100% Clean Rom Support. 100% game capatibility.
No PC software required, just Drag 'n Drop file from PC to flash memory card.
Hardware save support. Easy to backup and exchange save with other players.
Support FAT/FAT32 up to 32Gbits flash memory card. Flash memory card can be used on other digital products, save money.
Blue-Light engine included. Support High speed flash memory card without any slow down.
DS original cartridge size, the perfect solution of slot 1.
TFlash/MicroSD slot Push 'n Push design, easy to use.
Micro firmware designed, and extended skin which is fully upgradeable.
MoonShell built-in design. Can play MP3, OGG and DPG2 directly in SuperCard DS system. Compatible with DPG0/DPG1. It also support eBook and view picture. It's a real multimedia system.
TWO mode design:
Standard mode: 100% Compatible when copy clean ROMs are place into MicroSD for playing directly
Super mode: support RESET, cheat code, save to flash memory card directly.
Additional Functions :
Can be used as a SuperKey.
Inter-play with GBA slot.
Support SC Rumble Series as a rumble PAK.
There is a SuperCard DS software (Super Mode need to use), you do not need to use it at standard mode. But if you use the software, SuperCard DS can support more powerful functions, such as RESET, cheat code, infinity save space etc (can support save more than 4m in the feature).
Quality/Usability : SuperCard has re-released their DS ONE. This time with a new look, new packaging and improved quality. The DS ONE is a SLOT-1 cartridge similar to that of the R4DS and M3 Simply. Included with the DS ONE is a small manual on a slip of paper as well as a microSD card reader. Unfortunately, no CD with drivers or file were included so you would have to go to their website to download the latest files. Here is another alternative site to download the latest files. The download file will contain NDS files and a SCSHELL folder.
The quality is top-notch and very sturdy. Size is the same exact size of that of an original DS cartridge. Just like all SLOT-1 microSD cartridges, you simply insert your microSD through the top of the DS ONE. It also has a spring mechanism for ejecting the microSD. Transferring files to the microSD either with the included card reader or your own is a simple drag and drop procedure.
Once you have placed all the necessary files on to the microSD and inserted it into the DS ONE, its time to take it for a test drive. Upon booting up the DS, you are greeted with a splash screen. Unlike the R4DS and M3 Simply where all your files are viewed at the top of the screen, the DS ONE is all at the bottom. That means you can do all your selecting and changing with the stylus rather than the directional pad and buttons. The graphic user interface (GUI) is customizable and resembles that of the Moonshell. On the touch screen, you are given four menus to choose from:
Saver - manually change the size of the .SAV file to 4K / 64K / 512K / 2M / 4M
Other - Enable GBA Union: links between GBA and NDS games to unlock bonus content, such as new characters, or levels for example. Set SC to Rumble Mode: allows you to use SLOT-2 SC Rumble to be used as a rumble pack. Display Chinese Name: displays in Chinese characters. Save Menu Option: saves your current settings to the global.ini file for future use. SuperKey: acts as a PASSME so you can boot a SLOT-2 card. AUTO Set SD Speed: runs a test program to determine microSD data speed. Enable Patch: allows you to Normal Read/Fast Read, SaveIN DS/SaveIN SD, Enable Reset and Enable Cheat
Option, CO Modality: you can set how you want your icons to be displayed (big, small or text, File Sort: sort files by alphabetically or modified date. Language: select your default language either English or Chinese to be displayed. SD Speed: manually set the microSD card speed. File Info: show or hide the information pop-up box that displays the ROM抯 scene number, full name, save type & icon. This is displayed whenever you highlight a ROM.
- about displays Moonshell info and credits
Help - basic informations on how to use Moonshell

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  Published: 4/15/2008  Updated: 5/21/2017
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