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Details below
 Product Attributes;

Brand: OEM

  Color:   Item Condition:  Weight: 0.5  Dimension:
N5 Card, DS, NDS, NDSL
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Product Details;
Product Name:

N5 Card, DS, NDS, NDSL

Automatically recognize the new game's file
Part #/SKU: N5
Product ID: 5100491716
Price (USD$):  14.90
Sale Type:  Retail  Wholesaller, Contact us
Min. order quantity: 1
Availability:   no_stock
Shipping Coast ($): 15
Not available for sale  
Product Description;
N5 ds card for NDS, NDSL
Main Features
*support to TF and max to 4GB *an unique hardware and swift transmission,supporting any TF - NO MORE SLOW PERFORMANCE* Supports FAT16 , FAT32,computer, phone, camera and PDA *support to CleanROM, NO Software required. Can be directly copy it and the  downloading speed of game is fast .
*support to NDS and IDS games. Additionally, you can  run the IDS game on any mainframe. *directly store to the TF. NO need to backup and resume .
*automatically recognize the new game's file type and no need to update the database.
*support to moonshell including reading and to homemade software and open interface*the designation of saving electricity.according to the different function come into the best model*double screen of graphic interface,abbreviated graphics and the headline of addition,support to keypad and touch *operation is very only work with single keypad without any setting and adjustment *supports WiFi-game ,DS vibrating box ,DS INTERNET *support to change the setting of the work interface*support to manipulating on the net ,automatically change the setting of the work interface and the color of letter. *Automatically DLDI auto-patching
*supports download play

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  Published: 5/10/2008  Updated: 12/18/2011
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