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Our History


We are in service since March, 2005. We started distributing various range of computer and networking accessories initially. 
In 2006, we added various kind of consumable products range i.e. Games consoles, video game accessories, Mobile phones and its accessories
2006, published company website

2006, we expend our business in European country.
Mid 2007, we starting distributing Game console and its accessories in Hong Kong & China.
2007 Mainland China office established.
2007 Mainland China office established partnership with various kind of OEM Memory Cards production.
2007, started co-ordinating with agents in UAE, UK from main office China to serve our customer demand in better way.
2008, we focus on end buyer as well, to provide better price with our range of products. Simultaneously wholesale market.
2012-2013 We are proud to say that we are the winners for the 'Best Company to Provide Export Import Solutions in Diversified Product Range for the year from 2010-2012
2015-2016 - 10+ years caring company, an award presented to a business that goes above and beyond in their business dealings with customers.

The HK based company now employs over 50 people in addition to its temporary sales representative.
Increase the assets and investments of the company to support the development of services having innovative nature of products range and sheer dynamic style. We are gradually 
expanding in the field consumer products, building materials, mineral products and developing a strong base of key customers and continue building good reputation and become a key player in the industry.
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