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Free GHD MK4 Purple Hair Straightening Iron

Designed to create curls, twists, flicks, wave
Part No./SKU : MK IV
ISBN/UPC : No Data
Product ID : 12023114216
About Free GHD MK4 Purple Hair Straightening Iron;
GHD MK IV  *** FREE GIFT On Purchase of  $500 ***
The Purple GHD Gift set, A perfect gift for ladies
The unique ceramic technology heats up to its maximum temperature in seconds and locks in moisture, natural oils, and hair color for total hair protection. The new styler makes it even easier to create curls, twists, flicks, and waves, while retaining its unrivaled ability to achieve straight and sleek hair.
Features and Benefits:
New, improved body shape facilitates curling effects as well as straight styling. Improved circuitry maintains a more constant styling temperature. The iron heats up to its maximum temperature every millisecond ensuring optimum heat on the hair from root to tip. Sleep mode function automatically switches iron off if it is not used for 30 minutes. Outer casting is made from Rynite®, a fire-retardant material that ensures the outer casting does not get too hot when you`re styling hair or handling the product.
High Performance Properties:
Designed to create curls, twists, flicks, and waves, as well as straighten the hair. Ceramic-coated aluminum plates help seal the cuticle and create shine while locking in hair`s natural moisture, preventing atmospheric moisture from re-penetrating hair. Emits a large proportion of infrared heat and negative ions, both of which are less damaging to the hair, reducing static and creating shine by closing the cuticle.
Conventional irons use PTC or copper-wound elements, which are less efficient at emitting infrared heat and negative ions and can dry out the hair. Floating blades provide flexibility and smoothness when styling. A built-in microprocessor embedded in one of the blades monitors and regulates the blade temperature 5 times a second. If the temperature exceeds its maximum regulated temperature, the thermal fuse will blow, resulting in the iron switching off. The thermal fuse is a safety feature to prevent the iron from overheating

The Purple Gift Set is a beautifully boxed gift set containing the all time essential styling items:-

  • Purple ghd IV styler
  • Ghd travel hairdryer
  • Heat resistant purple roll bag
  • 2 Matching clips
  • Instructional Booklets
  • How to DVD

Suitable for all hair types, the ghd IV styler is all you'll ever need to create perfect curls, movement, volume and straight thanks to its advanced technology and smart features.


Please Read The basic Terms below;
1, Any purchase in consumer electronics of #118alue USD 500 between 1st December - 31st december 2011. 
2, Once you believe meeting minimum requirements, please let us know. We will ship the gift along with your purchase.
3, Only 100 in Stock, Subject to stock availability else will advise about replacement/subtitle.

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