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Color:   Item ConditionWeight: 0.5  Dimension:
Bluetooth Car Kit Handsfree caller id Mirror - Smdr International, Hong Kong
Product Name;

Bluetooth Car Kit Handsfree caller id Mirror

Sale TypeRetail  Wholesaller, Contact us
MOQ: 1
Shipping Coast ($): 15
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About this product;

Bluetooth Car Kit Mirror

It displays both callers' name and  phone number when phone rings. It also stores 10 received calls, that allows you to make phone calls much easier and enabling you to  answer, end, reject or redial phone calls through the mirror itself, your mobile phone now can use as hands free. Also features - voice dialing thats very convenient and safe way of making calls while driving. You can make calls in three different ways
1, Speak to the mirror and listen using speaker. 2, Speak to the mirror and listen from car audio through FM broadcasting. 3, Speak to the wireless headphone privately
Easy installation -  comes with an internal battery to power the mirror. You don't need to make wiring from cigarette socket or from in-car circuit anymore. It uses the latest Bluetooth v2.0 standard, a far more stable and advanced standard from the old v1.2 or v1.1 ones.
PLUG & PLAY: Simply clip over your existing mirror, Pair up with your Bluetooth cell phone & drive hasslefree. even if there is incoming call. Truly wireless during operation.
Specifications: 1. Bluetooth specification: V2.0; 2. Range: 10 m;, 3. Easy to install and no need to remove the existing rearview mirror; 4. Independent FM wireless earpiece to protect your secrets; 5.40 seconds record and play function or 20 phone records viewing optional. 6. Super bright LCM caller'English name display; 7. Complete Bluetooth wireless installation; 8. DSP technology, Full duplex, noise and echo suppression; 9. With 1600mAh Lithium battery to provide typical standby time of more than 168 hours talking time of 11 hours and headset talking time of 5 hours; 10. Voice dialing, last call redialing, and call switching function; 11. Built-in high intelligent microphone and powerful speaker; 12. Transmit the signal into car radio by FM frequency; 13. USB interface for software framework updating.
In Package: All in One Mirror unit with Wireless Earpiece in Gift Box 1 piece Car Cigarette Charging Cable. English manual

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 Rating:   Listed on: 6/23/2010  Updated on: 6/23/2010  
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