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Product Attributes


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iPod Stereo Earphone [ headset ] - Smdr International, Hong Kong
Product Name;

iPod Stereo Earphone [ headset ]

Sale TypeRetail  Wholesaller, Contact us
MOQ: 1
Shipping Coast ($): 15
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About this product;
iPod Stereo Earphones or headset
100% new High Quality Stereo Headset for your original iPods, Stylish white shell & cord exactly as shown, Superior sound quality unmatched by others earphones. Perfect match for your iPod - mini, nano, shuffle, and video, also ideal for any other MP3 players, walkmans, computers, CD player, DVD player, and other audio/video devices, it is even more convenient with this wired volume control remote and high-quality earphones set. Tiny size allows easy storage in a backpack, briefcase, purse.
3.5mm jack
2 x iPod Ear phone (White)
4 x Foam Covers
Quantity: 1 
Cord Length: 37 inches
Compatible with: any device with 3.5mm jack

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 Rating:   Listed on: 11/19/2010  Updated on: 11/19/2010  
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