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Product attributes


  Color:  Item Condition:   Weight:0.50   Dimension:
USB Multi Charger Cable Kit - Smdr International hot_product

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Rated 3.2/5 stars (12 rating)

Product details;

USB Multi Charger Cable Kit

For iPad, iPhone, Cell Phones, PSP, NDSL
Part No./SKU : CG-018
ISBN/UPC : No Data
Product ID : 1227712216
Market Price (USD$) 12.00
Price (USD$) 1.80
Sale Type: Wholesale only
MOQ : 10000
Availability :   in_stock
Return Policy : Replace
About USB Multi Charger Cable Kit;

Can use with  MP3/MP4, Nintendo DSi
- Allows you to recharge all portable gaming and music devices as well as most mobile phones.
- Allows you to downloading movies, music and all your favorite photos from your computer to devices such as iPod Sony PSP as well as most digital cameras and MP3/MP4 players.
- Data and recharge cable for HTC, Motorola, Blackberry, Palm and other phones that use mini USB.
- Data and recharge plug-in connector for iPod and iPhone for 3G.3GS
- Recharge cable for USB
- Recharge cable for Nintendo DSi (NEW) / DS lite
- Recharge cable for Sony PSP.

Suitable to;
* Samsung Phones-suilt A1117 , A127 ,Fin/SPH-A513/517/523/A737/A747/A827, SOG-i325, BJ-II SGH-i617, M300, M305, M510, M520, SPH-M800, R200, R 210A, R300, R400/SCH-R400, R410, R430, R500/SCG-R500, R610, T229, T339, T409, T429, T439, T539 / 639, T729, T739, T819, SCH-U470/U700/U706/U900/ U940, SGH-U700, G600

* LG-1 Phone -suilt LG AX275 , CE110 , LX150, VX8500/VX-8500 , VX8550 , KG800 , LX570 , VX8600/VX-8600 , VX8700/VX-8700 , VX9400/VX-9400
  VX9900/VX-9900 , CU575 , AX380 , Shine

* Sony Ericsson Phones - suilt D750 , J110 , J220 , J230 , K310 , K510 , K610 ,
 K750 , K790 , K800 , M600 , P990 , W300 , W550 , W600 , W700 , W710 ,
 W800 , W810 , W850 , W900 , W950 , Z520 , Z525 , Z530 , Z610 ,Z 710

* NOKIA PHONE: E50, E61, E62, E65, N7X/N8X/N9X, 2365I, 2366I, 2865I, 3155, 3155I, 3250, 5300, 6070, 6085, 6101, 6102, 6103, 6111, 6125, 6126, 6131, 6133, 6136, 6155I, 6265I, 6270, 6280,6282,6300,7360,7370, 8210,3310,8250,3300,6030,N70

* MOTOROLA PHONE:V3,E6801,A780,,A668,V3I,U6,V360,C362,C305,C363,V320,A730,V191,L7,L6,A1200,V8,V9 etc..

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