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Salvation 1 - RC Helicopter

Master piece of engineering
Part No./SKU : Salvation 1
ISBN/UPC : No Data
Product ID : 1260552416
About Salvation 1 - RC Helicopter;
The hot and popular Salvation 1 radio controlled helicopter is a master piece of engineering with a carbon fibre body and protective safety ring around the blades which help to keep the chopper light yet very robust.
The Salvation 1 can fly forwards or backwards, left or right, up or down and hover with precision control due to the unique co-axial rotor design with counter rotating propellers which provide unprecedented flight stability. Convert any indoor environment into a cool chopper circuit!
The Innovative package includes the latest in flight technology with Lithium Polymer rechargeable onboard battery, charger and hobby grade radio control transmitter. The Salvation 1 has up to 15 minutes flying time from a single quick charge which is twice as long as it's closest competitors and comes fully assembled. It is equipped with everything needed to get airborne (except 8AA transmitter batteries) so you can fly it straight from the box.
The real difference with The Salvation 1 from other R/C helicopters is the controllability, as it has over 35meter range from a 3 channel hobby grade radio transmitter handset with digital proportional control. The handset has 3 external sliding trimming controls (plus 3 internal) to fine tune flight and assist with aerial acrobatics.
With coaxial structure and light body, world's most stable 3CH helicopter for indoor flying. Perfect design.
Easy Operation:
Whether a child or adult, it is very easy to control and operate
Strong Structure
The emulational body and the dual rotors are made of high strength carbon fiber, supporting the helicopter to keep perfect even falling from a 5m high place.

Durable Flying Time
Can fly up to 10-15 minutes which is double rather any RC toys, because of the built-in high capacity Li-Po battery
High Quality
Made with environmental friendly material and complete safety, this product provides the maximum level of  fun
1. Up to 10-12 minutes flight time.
2. 3.7V 350mAh Li-Po installed battery.
3. Completely stable in flight. /Perfect for indoor.
4. 3 Channel up/down, left/right, forward/backwards.
5. Rear rotor stabilizer controlled
6. Hover trimming tab on controller stable hover and full 3-D flight
7. Digital proportional radio controller range: 35m
8. Main Blade Length: 18cm
9. Tail Blade Length: 3.5cm
10. Helicopter Length: 25cm
11. Overall Length: 27cm
12. Helicopter Height: 13cm
13. Helicopter Weight 45g
14. CE.FCC.ROHS certified

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