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Product details;

Apple A8 Bluetooth Headset

Convenienced, compact & lightweight
Part No./SKU : A8
ISBN/UPC : No Data
Product ID : 1503201611
About Apple A8 Bluetooth Headset;

Apple A8 Bluetooth headset

The convenienced, compact, lightweight and easy to use the Apple A8 Bluetooth headset. Auto detectionable, automatic pairing ready while power on. Also compatible with VOIP. A8 feature allows the user to control the output of one device from a remote device, i.e. while you are listening to music. You can control the functions of the cellphone by using the controls for volume, call transfer, etc. A-8 Bluetooth single-touch headset designed specifically for iPhones + also compatible with many other Bluetooth enable devices. This comprehensive kit includes a charger for the home and in the car. The kit contents are shown in the display above.
Up to 1.5 hours of talk time AND 30 hours of standby time
High quality stereo Bluetooth headset for Apple iPhone
The design and appearance of this Bluetooth headset matches iPhone
Stylish appearance, small size and light weight, with this smart little unit you will never feel burdened.
Built-in Microphone, very convenient to manage your calls remotely.
Adjustable earhook can fit either ear to wear.
Simple to operate via the Multifunction one-touch button, tap to answer/end/reject/make a call, and redial the last called number.
Wireless bluetooth technology with Voice dial
Indicator light glows red when charging, turns off when charged and flashes blue when on standby or while on call
Range: Up to 33 feet / 10 meters
Battery: Rechargeable lithium-ion, Charging time: Around 1.5 hours
User interface: Single one-touch button, Wearing style: Right or left ear
This is a non-OEM generic product
Also compatible to following Bluetooth enable Mobile Phones:
Nokia 3650 3230 3660 6021 6230 6230i 6260 6270 6280 6310/6310i 6600 6620 6630 6650 6670 6680 6681 6810 6820 6822 7280 7610 7700 7710 8800 8910/8910i 9300 9500 N70 N80 N88 N90 N91 N95 N-Gage N-Gage QD
Motorola: A1000 A1010 A830 A835 A920 A925 E1000 E1060 E1120 E390 E398 MPx MPx100 MPx220 V3 V3i V3x V360 V500 V525 V545 V547 V550 V560 V600 V620 V635 V8 V80 L6 L7 U6 Q? Q9H
Sony Ericsson: D750i K600i K700 K750i K800 M600 P800 P900 P910 S600i S700 S710 T610 T630 V800 W550 W600 W900 W800 Z800 W810 W700 Z1010 Z500 Z520i Z600
Samsung: D500 D600 D720 E530 E720 Z130 Z390 Z500 Heat Sharp :703 802 902 GX15 GX25 GX30 903 713 313 813
O2: XDA 2 XDA IIi XDA IIs XDA Mini XDA O2Atom Orange SPV :C500 SPV E200 SPV M1000
Siemens :S55 S65 SK65 SX1
BlackBerry: 7100t 7100v 7100x 7290 i-mate: JAM PDA2K SP3 SP3i
Panasonic :SA7 VS7 X70 X700 Z800
Sagem :MyX-8 Sendo Sendo X X2 htcg
One Bluetooth Headset
One Headset Earhook
One Silicone earbud
One Wall Charger (U.S Standard)
One USB Power Car Charger
One Retractable USB Charger Cable
User Manual

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