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  Color:  Item Condition:   Weight:1   Dimension:46.9 x 19.7 x 3.0

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Product details;

HP Black Shark Keyboard / Combo Mouse Kit

Advanced laser technology
Part No./SKU : VK431PAAB2
ISBN/UPC : No Data
Product ID : 748403216
Price (USD$) 11.50
Sale Type: Wholesale only
MOQ : 100
About HP Black Shark Keyboard / Combo Mouse Kit;

11.7x 6.2x 3.9 (mouse)

HP Black Shark Keyboard / Combo Mouse KitPlastic injection molding super alloys, anti-violence and loss prevention capability is several times more than existing products;
Commonly used keys to fight the next fight with guard column, can withstand more than 200g of hit intensity, space bar is made with reinforced plastic material, with the fight against the spring under the key column and can withstand the hit kg efforts to extend the original keyboard life;
Characters using advanced laser technology, laser engraving, to avoid the sweat of the key characters of the corrosion, durable;
7 are pressed not to support conflict;
Keyboard PS / 2 interface;

800dpi mouse chip, precise positioning and reliable;
Fine lightweight design, ergonomic
Mouse USB interface;
Support Win XP/VISTA/Win7;
Comply with ROHS;

Sold Bulk, Minimum 100 Units

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