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Copy Image URL

Read by:[3091]   Published:[5/27/2011]    Updated:[12/8/2011]
A URL to an image is the address on the Web where the image is located. To get this URL, bring up the context menu over the image. On Windows, right click over the image. On OS X, hold down the Control key and click with a mouse.
In Firefox, select "Copy Image Location" as shown in the screenshot below:
Copy Image Address

Internet Explorer;

1.Right Click on a Image
2.Click Properties
3.there you will see the Protocol, Type, Address(URL), Size, Dimensions
Check picture below;

In Chrome, select "Copy image URL".
In Safari, select "Copy Image Address".
In Opera, select "Copy Image Address".

Once you have copied the URL, click inside the box where been asked, bring up the context menu and select paste as shown in the following screenshot:

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