Link Exchange policy

Linking partners policy and procedure: ( / )

We will exchange / provide web links on following general terms;

1. You are welcome to propose for link exchange partners request to us if your website's good page rank above 0.

2. It takes us one weeks to proceed link request, useually faster.

3 .Link exchange is permanent, and till link back is live. 

If you wish to remove our link or website/domain no longer functional please inform us at once

4. Link exchanged are based on reciprocal, 1=1, Home page = Home page or paid basis

5. Further, Links will be added based on the following criteria:
  • Content should be of interested to users
  • Sites should be accessible & easy to use
  • The site content should be up to date and accurate
  • No under construction or incomplete sites
  • No offensive sites
  • We will only provide text links for Free. Requests for image based links
  • We will not edit your link description
  • Disclaimer
     Amendments in above policy may occur time to time without any notification.
    We are not responsible for any of the content and information contained on linking partner websites, neither liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or punitive damage or for damages for lost profits or for loss of revenue arising out of any use of, access to, or inability to use the linking partner websites
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