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  News and Announcement

  News ID: 172 Holiday Notice - Chinese New Year 2018  Pub: 2/1/2018 
  News ID: 171 Listen, Understand, Respond  Pub: 1/17/2018 
  News ID: 170 Recognizing business disruption  Pub: 10/25/2017 
  News ID: 169 Cellular market to grow  Pub: 10/24/2017 
  News ID: 168 Eurotrade International Stocklots Trade Fair  Pub: 10/24/2017 
  News ID: 167 The 122nd Canton Fair  Pub: 10/10/2017 
  News ID: 166 Growing Wireless Charging Market  Pub: 10/7/2017 
  News ID: 165 Phone Accessories Market Gaining Growth  Pub: 10/2/2017 
  News ID: 163 Holidays observances - Chinese National Day  Pub: 9/29/2017 
  News ID: 161 Get ready for October stock surprise  Pub: 9/27/2017 
  News ID: 160 Consumer Electronics Sale Grow  Pub: 9/24/2017 
  News ID: 159 Website Subscription Upgrade  Pub: 9/5/2017 
  News ID: 158 Retail Service Suspended  Pub: 6/30/2017 
  News ID: 157 Win Free Air Ticket2 Hong Kong  Pub: 5/31/2017 
  News ID: 156 Happy Dragon Boat Festival  Pub: 5/29/2017 
  News ID: 155 Website contents disappears  Pub: 5/27/2017 
  News ID: 154 Contact Issue ( Web )  Pub: 1/30/2017 
  News ID: 153 Holidays ( Chinese New Year )  Pub: 1/30/2017 
  News ID: 152 Dragon Boat Festival  Pub: 6/10/2016 
  News ID: 151 Website Restored  Pub: 6/1/2016 
  News ID: 150 CNY 2012 - Year of the Dragon  Pub: 1/10/2012 
  News ID: 149 Christmas, New Year Holiday  Pub: 12/24/2011 
  News ID: 148 Promo gateway payment offer  Pub: 1/6/2011 
  News ID: 147 NDS Lite, Available Colors  Pub: 1/4/2009 
  News ID: 146 Drop Shipping  Pub: 11/4/2006 
  News ID: 145 Website Modification  Pub: 11/18/2011 
  News ID: 144 User - User Real Time Chat  Pub: 11/16/2011 
  News ID: 141 15 Years In Business  Pub: 10/3/2011 
  News ID: 134 - Goes Secure  Pub: 7/22/2011 
  News ID: 132 Happy New Year  Pub: 12/25/2010 
  News ID: 122 Public Holiday  Pub: 10/2/2010 
  News ID: 120 Discount Coupons  Pub: 6/20/2010 
  News ID: 119 Review  Pub: 6/5/2010 
  News ID: 111 Reporting Technical Problem  Pub: 5/23/2010 
  News ID: 107 Website upgraded  Pub: 5/10/2010 
  News ID: 106 Website Payment  Pub: 5/5/2010 
  News ID: 103 Website upgrading!  Pub: 3/29/2010 
  News ID: 101 Happy Lunar New Year 2010  Pub: 2/16/2010 
  News ID: 91 New Products  Pub: 4/28/2008 

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