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SMDR International sourcing solution
Take advantage of our experience: with our decade of experience helping business owners (big to small size) worldwide with management of products, categories, product attributes, orders and a lot of other things. We help importantly labor-intensive jobs issues such as product sourcing, marketing, or simply shipping orders
our services
Product sourcing
Price Control
Order processing
Quality Control
Inventory inspection
Our Clients;
We have been providing the inventory management services to various business enterprises and on-line stores dealing with products

Products Covered;
Residential & commercial lights, bathroom fittings, musical instruments & equipments, medical supplies, watches & jewelry, apparels & accessories, ceramic and electronic products and many more...

Our team has also extensive experience of working with different sales interfaces like Yahoo, eBay, Amazon, store owner and other channel and many other custom built interface in a very coast effective fashion
We can handle your request in following countries;
Hong Kong
South Korea

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