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Low Price Guaranteed
Pre-order any product, if the price drops before the release date, you will be charged the current price.
Occasionally, manufacturers limit the amount of a product available. In this case, we will process the online orders in the order in which they were received.
Promotional Items
From time to time, we offer special promotional item with a pre-order. Due to limited availability, these items are only available while supplies last.
Orders containing both pre-orders and in-stock merchandise will be broken into separate shipping groups. Each group will be shipped as soon as the merchandise becomes available. Handling charges will apply to each shipping group independently. In an effort to ship pre-orders as quickly as possible, sometimes we use external resources to drop ship?merchandise to you directly from the source. This eliminates the time it takes to ship product to our warehouse before shipping it to you. Due to the tight time constraints, some orders will not make it into our drop ship process. Those orders are shipped directly from our warehouse, usually on the following business day.Some of the order types that will typically miss our drop ship process are: Pre-orders received by us too close to the release date. Cut-off dates are normally three or four days in advance of the ship date.
Pre-order Release Dates
We works tirelessly with game publishers to ensure accurate release dates on our site. Occasionally, publishers run into problems during the production of a game and the release date must be changed. Sometimes dates move forward; more often they move back, and frequently they get changed more than once.
If a game is scheduled for release far in the future, the vendor may not even give us a date. In those cases we rely on the collective wisdom of our buying staff to estimate a date based on their knowledge of the industry and the vendor's history. We guarantee that we will always post the best release date information available at the time of our posting. We know that you want that hot new game yesterday, and we want to be the company that gets it to you quicker than anyone else.

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