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Stock Availability

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Products listed upon stock availability, or else stated/shown with listing.
Displayed quantity based on current stock availability on listings revised date.
Where its mentioned weight, number indicates that much KG in stock
We always have ready stock and ready to ship at lightning-speed. If product is not in stock shopping cart will be disabled and no stock information will display. We periodically updates store availability, but a store's actual inventory can change from minute to minute. We recommend checking with us 1st on current stock availability, will allow you to confirm that the item is still available and in sufficient quantity. Some prices in the store may be more or less than the online price due clearance sales and other special offers. Most often, the price for any given product will be the same in the store and on the web site. Regarding new releases, there may be a delay between the online ship date and the date stores receive inventory. This is because online inventory benefits from being located at or near our distribution centers. Stores receive inventory from these distribution centers, but there is additional transit time involved in moving the inventory from the distribution center to the stores.

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