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Shipping Coast

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"If shipping coast not mentioned with any listing, its means it may required further discussion with customer service"
We provides;
- Shipping coast informations are calculated and listed below of each service;
1, Air Express service (Transit time 3-5 business days)
For 1st 0.500 grm for express shipping coast is USD 25.00, Each additional 0.500grm coast is 10 USD.
2, Air mail  (Transit time 10-15 business days)
For Air Mail service 1st 0.5KG 15USD worldwide shipping, and each additional 0.05KG is 7USD.
For Example if your purchasing item/s total weight is 1KG, the total shipping coast will be 35USD and coast will be further multiple 10 USD each 0.500 gram, even if your additional item weight is less than 0.500grm.
The items weight is added to each of our listings, thats including the packing.
Regardless to any items you purchase, such as you have 1KG's items in your shopping cart and you wish to add different items of 1KG, the shipping coast still be calculated 10 USD for each additional 0.500grm.
We have made easy and less coast effective all for your convenience and to budget your needs.
We advise - "combining the shipping coast with your purchase is always a good idea for saveing"
Further, We are currently charging reduced shipping coast for 1st 0.500grm despite the products are originally 1kg in weight including packing. Such as for item Motorola V8 designer cell phone the weight will is1KG including packing but you will be charged only for 0.500 to maintain most competitive price. And will apply + USD 10, 7 for any new items you are adding in your cart.
Note: to avail reduced shipping coast service, purchase must be under one order number in single check out. Not valid for multiple checkout from same customers even on same day.
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